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Partners & Resources

Visit our partner sites!

EVE Piracy
Alia Xi's personal blog about her adventres

City of Heroes
Jordan's Town
Our partner site for all things CoH/V! Follow Jordan inside fan-illustrated comics, browse guides, and check out tons of in-game screenshots.


Add enjoyment to your gaming experience with these must-have resources.

Fraps screen capture
Audacity audio production
Teamspeak voice comms
Ventrilo voice comms

How to be listed here
We recommend certain sites and services because they provide outstanding support for great sci-fi themed games. They represent the best in fan-based support for the games we all enjoy, they don't promote gold-farming or other EULA-busting activities, and we think they'll really help you Fight Smart(tm)!

Please note:
Sites and site owners can sometimes change. If you visit a site and it displays advertisements for gold farming, currency selling, power leveling, etc., please report it to us using the contact-us page. We do not accept liability for any third party content we refer you to. See our Terms for more info.

Want to get listed here? Use our contact-us page and send a link to your site and a short note about what you do.

Want more from BattleClinic? We are always open to hosting great tools/guides/fansites or even purchasing them! Use the contact-us page to send us a proposal.

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BattleClinic Web Style Guide
Partners and clients, please use this guide when linking, advertising, or otherwise displaying the BattleClinic logo and brand. Thank you!
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