BattleClinic FAQ

What's BattleClinic?
BattleClinic is one of the largest independent sci-fi game support sites on the net. We're not part of a big company--we're players like you who love these games and want to help others Fight Smart(tm)! BattleClinic was started in 2001 as a way to share ship loadouts for the then-popular StarFleet Command series of PC games. We've been operating continuously since then.

Who owns / runs BattleClinic?
BattleClinic is privately owned and run by a group of players who enjoy building tools and guides--almost as much as playing the games themselves. There is no big company or investor group behind us.

Can I get cheats, macros, or trainers here?
Absolutely not. We build tools that help players improve their game through learning aids, simulators, guides, and community advice. We do not develop, support, distribute, or allow members to promote the use of any cheat, trainer, or game mod that breaks (or could break) the game publisher's End User License Agreement.

Is it free?

What's your advertising policy?
We do not accept advertising on, other than for the games that we support. When we're out browsing other game sites, we get annoyed at unrelated and obnoxious adverts that aren't directly related to the games we like.

Is BattleClinic Deep Space Supply a "gold farmer?"
No. In fact we actively work against gold-farmer interests, primarily by refusing to accept that kind of advertising on the site. We are strict about this. If a member likes another site's functionality and recommends it on our forums, we will remove the post if that site accepts advertising for gold-farmers.

Why do you hate gold-farmers so much?
We're not emotionally hung up on gold-farming. We actively work against the practice because it hurts two things: your game experience, and the game publisher's rights. If your game experience is harmed, and if the game publisher's rights are harmed, that game won't be around for very long, will it? Where's the enjoyment in that?

What games do you support?
Click the big "games" tab in the center of almost any page, and check them all out!

BattleClinic rocks and I want to donate! How do I do that?
We so love you too! Middle footer, bottom of the page. There's a "donate" button there. Every buck goes right back into the site so we can make moar stuffz.

Is the BattleClinic logo and Fight Smart tagline really a Registered Trademark, or do you just stick it on there to look big and impressive?
Seriously, people ask us this. Yes, BattleClinic, the BattleClinic logo, and Fight Smart! are Registered Trademarks of BattleClinic, Certificate of Registration No. 3,720,725.

Member FAQ

Do you sell my name and registration details to 3rd parties?

No. Never. Even when those 3rd parties wave large amounts of cash at us (and they have).

What are the benefits of membership? Do I get a Platnium card or something?
We don't issue secret decoder rings or anything, but you do get access to every feature that a lurker doesn't. We put some of these functions inside the membership requirement so that we can ensure that the tools are being used properly, and more generally, to offer you the opportunity to contribute your own voice to the community.

I can't use some of the features of the website. What's up?
A few of the tools and guides require membership so that we can track usage and avoid a level of abuse that exists when the tools are open to the internet. We don't spam our members and will never sell your information to others.

I can't send a Private Message to another member on the forum. What gives?
You need to post a certain number of posts before this feature is open to you. This helps us avoid spam-bots and other nasties, and encourages participation. Your voice and contributions are important to us!

What's "power" (formerly "karma"), why is it on the forum, and why should I care?

The concept of karma and its extistential relationship to our actions is a complex topic. Here at BattleClinic, we're really not into complex extistenial questions, so power (karma) is just a way to quickly gage how valuable your overall contributions are to the BattleClinic community. Sometimes members with a lot of negative power/influence can be quite entertaining, but generally, if you start picking up negative points, examine the tone of your posts. On the other hand, if you're catching lots of positive karma, spread the love baby, spread the love.

How do I change my "Power" (influence or karma)?

Be helpful and contribute to others in a positive and productive way, and karma will reward you. You cannot, however, directly control your own influence. Much like real life.

How do I give someone (good) or (bad) karma?
When you reach a certain post-count, a bright light will shine and your karma-bestowing abilities will transcend to your profile. In other words, click the little blue heart.

I want to suggest a feature or enhancement to BattleClinic. Where do I go?
There is a special forum board just for this.

I object to someone's post on the forum. What can I do?
Members can click the "report post" feature, which sends a message to the moderator(s) of that board. They'll do something about the post, or do something about your over-use of the "report post" feature, whichever is appropriate.

How do I change my picture from the default one?
Top right of any page > Modify profile.

When I navigate to some pages, the theme of the site changes. What's up with that?
We've programmed the site to display custom skins in some of the game areas, depending on your own choice. To select your personal preference, go to the top right of any page > Modify profile > find the selection that allows you to customize (some) of the site's themes. We're continually growing this section, so check back often.

Can I become a forum moderator?
We generally hand-select our moderators from our very best and most active contributors. You can let us know that you have an interest by sending a private forum message to a current, active moderator.

How can I contribute my coding or artistic talents to BattleClinic?
We're always looking for people who want to contribute. Contact any forum moderator (you'll know them by their "moderator" title) and express your interest. The community team will check out your ideas, portfolio, etc and get in touch with you.

I want to recruit other game players to my in-game group / corp / clan. Can I do that here?
Yeah. There are recruitment boards for every game inside the forum.

I want to post an advertisement for porn, gold-farming, erection pills, and all that other great stuff. Can I do that please?
Um, no.

Can I troll or flame-bait on the BattleClinic forums?
Again, no...with an exception. For certain games, we offer a lightly moderated "flame forum" which serves as a place to draw or dispense aggro. Go into these places with caution. And maybe some tissues.

Hey, one of your moderators deleted my post. What's up with that?!
We ask our moderators to take many measures before deleting posts, including giving friendly advice that helps members temper their comments to our community standards. The chances are that your post contained something very unconstructive or downright abusive. You can look all the particulars up in our terms of service, but generally speaking, if it's gone, it's gone.

I've been banned by BattleClinic. What recourse do I have?
None. If a moderator did such a thing, they did it for good reason and BattleClinic management won't second-guess them. Have a nice ban.

What does that little "watched" or "muted" thing under my forum name mean?
It means the moderators gave you a warning about the content of your posts.

Do you guys hate Internet Explorer? Some of the stuff here doesn't work on IE.

We resent having to write site code just for internet explorer and no other browser. We hope that refusing to code purely for IE will motivate more users to try other, friendlier browsers.

Using Battleclinic's Tools and Guides

Can I, like, just use these things freely?
Yes. Amazing, huh. Makes you wonder what the catch is!

What's the catch?
There isn't one. Use the tools and play your game better.

Why do you have a lot of guides for some games, and not so many for others?
We're a small team and we play the games we support. Some games are more complex and need more tools; sometimes we're just late to the party. We are always on the lookout for excellent tools that are already built, and sometimes we even pay people for them.

Can I contribute a guide or tool?
Yes. You have several options. You can just post your hard work on the forums and let the community benefit from it. If you want to sell it to us or have us host it for you, just contact one of the forum moderators or send an email to general at battleclinic dot com.

I used my real name as a character name in one of my games, and now it's all over your site. How do I get rid of it?
We won't and in most cases can't remove it. Read our terms of service for clarity.

Can I scrape, data-mine, or hotlink from your site?
No, and depending on the activity, these types of actions may provoke a legal response from us. We will not tolerate abuse when we give all of our hard work away for free.

Seriously? It's just a game. You'd bring legal action against some dumbass for scraping your site?
Yes, we might. We give away our work on this site and spend lots of our own money to keep it running, for the benefit of our fellow gamers. See our terms of service for more details.

Why can't I build ship loadouts or character builds on your system that aren't possible in the real game?
Impossible builds clutter things up for members who are searching for a good build to use.

There are fake kill records on your killboard / leaderboard. Will you remove them?
Depends. Generally no. Sometimes a few very special idiots who have nothing better to do in life may spam some boards, so we do remove that stuff.

Game Publisher / Game Developer FAQ

I'm a game publisher or developer. What can BattleClinic do for my company?
We provide a wide range of professional services for MMO builders, including expertise in virtual item and timecode sales, new player experience design, translation and copy editing, anti-fraud techniques, marketing and advertising, and much more. Contact us: sales at battleclinic dot com.

I need an expert on how to integrate and sell virtual items and timecodes.

You've got one. We're experts in this space and can help you build an integration strategy, choose the appropriate platform, protect it from fraud, and extend revenue generation to and through your fansites. Contact us: sales at battleclinic dot com

Fansite and Tool Developer FAQ

I built a tool / guide for one of the games BattleClinic supports. Will you host it?
Most likely, yes. We ask that you post a link or a request on the forums, or contact one of the moderators privately, and let's talk about how we can work together!

Can I make money from my fansite or tool that I built?
Yes! We have an affiliate program that allows you to make money through your tool or site. Check out our affiliate link at