About BattleClinic

Operating continuously since 2001, BattleClinic is an award-winning independent game support site. We build publisher-sanctioned tools and guides and provide these free to players. We do this without membership fees or lots of spam, popups, or unrelated banner advertisements. We encourage an active community that's friendly to veterans and new players alike, supports open source, and showcases great sci-fi games. Each month, we average millions of unique, human hits and add an average of 1000 new registered members.

We currently support and are authorized resellers for EVE-Online published by CCP. We build support in accordance with each game’s fansite license for EVE-Online published by CCP, World of Tanks, and Galaxy Online & Freesky Online published by IGG (China).

BattleClinic operates Griefwatch, the largest and most successful killboards for EVE-Online. We partner with EVEMon, the most popular character manager for EVE-Online, and with Jordan's Town, the most comprehensive and entertaining collection of guides for City of Heroes. We host EVEHQ, the most comprehensive set of tools for EVE-Online and EVEMaps, a java-based universe explorer for EVE-Online.

BattleClinic Deep Space Supply sells authorized timecodes for EVE-Online and other fine games.

BattleClinic offers hosting and access to professional developer tools for accomplished tool and fansite developers. We also offer professional services to game developers and publishers.

We've got important information in our FAQ for members, fansite and game tool developers, and MMO game publishers / developers.

Thanks and remember: Fight Smart(tm)!