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Recent Loadouts

Game Title Item
Impelator for camped gates Impel / Transport Ships / Amarr
Well-rounded Firetail Republic Fleet Firetail / Faction Frigates / Minmatar
End Game L4 Vargur Vargur / Marauders / Minmatar
standard miner Retriever / Mining Barges / ORE
Small Gang Support Pilgrim / Recon Ships / Amarr

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  • New servers
    New servers

    If you're seeing this post, instead of the maintenance message, then you're on the new ser...

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  • Gamers, be concnered about your rights
    Gamers, be concnered abou...

    Folks, it's pretty clear that your rights are, and have been, eroded to the point of being...

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  • Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world
    Oppose Cispa if you value...

    We encourage you to read this and take action:http://w isfree/20...

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  • EVE Online Retribution
    EVE Online Retribution

    Get your ETC / PLEX here and fund your acquisition of the new ships coming with RETRIBUTIO...

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  • Interesting article about CCP
    Interesting article about...

    Read it over at Develophttp://w tures/1690/CCP-The-King-o f-inde...

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  • Stay vigilant, interwebz
    Stay vigilant, interwebz rwire/2012/01/alt-text-so ns-of-sopa/SOPA and PIPA are down but ...

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